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I looked up the definition of REALITY and here it is:


1. The quality or state of being actual or true.

2. One, such as a person, an entity, or an event, that is actual:  

3. The totality of all things possessing actuality, existence, or essence.

4. That which exists objectively and in fact:  

Relating to or being a genre of television or film in which a storyline is created by editing footage of people interacting or competing with one another in unscripted, unrehearsed situations.


Bull shit !!~!~  There is no reality in reality TV.  The Producers set the theme!  They look for HYPE – SCANDEL and any other nonsense that will draw us in or create Hoopla so more will watch.

Which brings me to MTV’s new reality show called: JERSEY SHORE!

O M G – Now this is a train wreck with High Hair and lots O gel.

The Italian American Organizations are so pissed off.

I am 1st generation Italian and I am an Entertainer. As you know I am the producer & headliner of THE ITALIAN CHICKS, an all female comedy/variety show. There is a way to do and say things whereby you can still maintain some integrity. MINGA!!! J 

So I did watch the show the other night? I could not make it thru the entire episode as I thought I was gonna stick a fork in my eye!! Jeezzzzzzz…..Then I watch it again this week – whose doin who, whose tan is better, whose hair is higher, who got drunk, whose getting some. But hey, I disliked Real World and I dont know if anyone was Italian on that?

I don’t now who these kids think they are emulating because the talent is elusive and the muscles and hair product and fake boobs and De-da gurls are all a mess…

But cha know what? I got news for ya – even Polish kids act like that!!!!

If you think this show is bad! This makes Growing up Gotti look like Masterpiece Theatre..

But really now, who else are these Mooks gonna emulate?

We have amazing Italian American writers and directors, like Martin Martin Scorsese and Mario Puzio. They created classics like The Godfather, Goodfella’s, Casino. Movies that folks watch over and over again.

We also have Michelangelo and Pavoratti! But ya think these kids are gona emulate those guys? NO!

I can understand the slight that certain Organizations are feeling but enough – Basta!!!

Show the movie with Charlton Heston portraying Michelangelo and see if da kids down the shore wanna dress like him?

Or maybe they wanna dress up like Pavoratti?  I think not!

But 21-year-old Jersey Shore star Nicole -- a.k.a. "Snookie" -- doesn't see what the big deal is.

"The Italian, whatever, national, whatever their organization is, they don’t understand that 'guidos' and 'guidettes' are good-looking people that, you know, like to make a scene and be center of attention and just take care of themselves," she said on The Wendy Williams Show. "They are old-fashioned. They don't know that; they think it's offensive, because maybe in their time it was offensive, but now it's kind of a compliment. So they don't understand that and that is what we are trying to say. They are way overreacting to the show. We're 22 to 29 just having fun at the shore. They are just taking it way out of proportion."

Listen SNOOKIEThere are some FAB people out there that are Non-Italain, they like being on the scene and making an entrance, they are called self –centered and absorbed not Guido’s & Guidettes! Let’s hope when you all grow up , you lost that !

The shore has all kind’s but if you all think that you are Fly & Gansta, ya ain’t!

As you say “Snookie” –“ these Italian American or what eva you call them” are saying that because you are all acting like Mook’s & Putana’s. And yes, maybe the club scene has changed since they were young and they feel, “ is this what people will think we are”?  

I think the show is ridicules but – Hey don’t watch it!!

I received an email from NIAF – National Italian American Foundation and the subject read –

Italian Americans are Under Attack!

WHAT!!! W H A T ~ ~  Are you kidding me? Look, I think all these Italian American Organizations do some wonderful fundraising and great things for community. I can understand that they are dismayed at the stereotypical references but did you ever hear of a little thing called a SATIRE?

I mean really now, not all of us were born with a silver spoon in our mouths and only a few of us have placed the stick so far up, ya know!

My Father was born in Reggio, Calabria and he was not a Gansta!

But at some point we have to realize the difference between fact and fiction. We have to know that a movie also exaggerates the point for dramatic and artistic purposes.

Tony Soprano was NOT REAL!

So what is real! Yes we do have organized crime –FACT!!

We do have crime Bosses – FACT!

Most of these folks are Italian – FACT!

Now not only are the Organizations pissed at the Jersey Shore but also Saturday Night Live!  They did a SATIRE on Gossip Girl Staten Island. Did I laugh? YES! Why, because it was funny..

I was not pissed nor slighted?

Did you ever walk down any street in NY and not see those kinds of characters?

Yes you have! Some of them are not even Italian, they are NEW YAWKERS !!!!

Or what they call Italophiles.

What is an Italophile you ask? Someone whom is not Italian but loves the culture or a wanna be.

Look it would be lovely if the world emulated all the amazing Italians that gave us concerto’s and song and art, sculpture and there are some very talented folks out there doing just that. So BUY their work, will ya.

But with all due respect, I think you all should lie back on these biting attempts to quell everything. Here is what you are doing:

HUMMMMMMM, sure sounds like a threat to me?  Be careful, the zepolie does not fall far from the pot!! Before you know it you will be sounding like all the shows you hate.

And the last thing you want is to get that Al Sharpton reputation?

So as the saying goes, “why cant we all just get along”!

Do I hate the Jersey Shore show, YES!


Not because they make Italian’s look like Mook’s but because the show SUCKS!!

Did I hate the Soprano’s, NO?  Because it was a fiction based drama!

Now, the reality show  - ( Kate plus 8 ) if she was Italian would that be an issues too? Because I hated that show…

Così siamo tutti parte di una famiglia. Alcuni sono buoni, altri sono cattivi e alcuni sono pazzi!

Dobbiamo sostenere tutti gli americani decente italiana. 

La criminalità organizzata è stato qui per sempre non possiamo fermare o cambiare, è come il governo.

Vivi e lascia vivere e and Viva Italia!

Translation: So we all belong to a family. Some are good some are bad and some are crazy!

We should support all decent Italian Americans.  

Organized crime has been here forever we can’t stop it or change it, it's like the Government.  

Live and let live and Viva Italia.

Now go home and get your Shine Box !!!