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Well here we go again! Have ya been watchin the news.. Jeez,, Run Forest Run!

The Swine flu is back. It’s comin in like Tony Soprano just ordered a hit!

The news stations are all over this like a cheap suit!

I really think that they make it worse..

Flash – The Swine flu is making it’s come back and it’s gonna hit harder and faster. The AMA said they are making the vaccine as fast as they can.. Hello!!!! We need jobs right? You know this last year, right? Don’t make me come there and smack you. You are making it as fast as you can??????


Eyewitness news said, with the school season approaching children are advised not to HI 5 or hug.. What!!  Well now we will see a decline in teen pregnancy!!!


Fox News: We must all wash are hands as much as possible.. Here we with go with more OCC issues…


Cnn News - Dr. Sanjay Gupta touring a hospital. Do we have enough beds, enough meds to support a pandemic? He says hospitals are trying to ramp up…. Are you friggin kidding me!!  For some reason Dr. Gupta pisses me off. If I were ever in a hospital and he walked in.. Ohh fahhhhhh!!!!


Have you noticed that when politician talk about it , they call it H1N1, What is it,, Swine flu or H1N1?

Look I hate to look on the dark side here. However the Mayan calendar forecasted the end of the world on December 25th, 2012. There is even a website that has a count down, How friggin sick are people…

If ya look around, between the whacked out weather, Tsunami’s, floods, trees flying in Bergen County towns, planes crashing in parking lots, George Bush, depression, recession, the dollar, wait what dollar? I mean these are things that make ya go Hummmmmmmmm.


You never hear this shit in Paris, France. Ahhh the land of Amore, Pepi le Pew. But just so ya know it’s happening there too, Oh ya now the French, there keeping it all quite. But here is the newsflash::::

 There has been an outbreak out of Mime Flu.

President: Nicolas SARKOZY announced that Mime’s have been found all over Paris, dead! From Mime flu, Yes, Oui!!

They have received calls stating that the Mime’s have died in their own boxes that they made. They said it was so sad, no one could hear their cries!!!


So now we have all this drama and craziness to look forward too.

But if the Mayan’s are correct and it’s gona be all over on 2012…

Here is my recommendation.

Go to the furniture store and buy all the new shit you want and get on the pay no interest until 2013 deal..

Hey if they are right, you’ll be stylin for a few years. If they are wrong you pray for unemployment extensions.

But in the meantime, hug and kiss and love and live and oh yeah- WASH YOU’RE FRIGGIN HANDS..