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The other night I was browsing the home page. This woman wrote how crazy in love she was with her Husband and that had been married for many years and they still have it going on.
Then some woman commented and said. “Oh really, then he must be having an affair if he is all into you!” Or maybe you are just delusional because it’s is BS!!
MINGA- WOW~ ~~ !!!!!
The woman that wrote the original post simply replied back and said, “ Sorry you have been hurt!”..

Now that was amazing because if it were me I would have been all over that, soooo typicial Italian!! All in da sauce..

There are some peeps out there that have, shall we say – “FOUND IT”.
The magic and passion. The trust and mutual respect.
The continued longing after years of being together. 
Learning the dance of compromise. Supporting your partners needs and dreams.
Trust me, it can happen! This I know for a fact. 
I am not trying to get all Zen and cerbrial on you here but I am a believer.

With Valentines Day lurking in the wings many things come to mind.
First off, Love got nothing to do with Valentines Day!
Anyone can get all in the Kool-aid for ONE day – Love is maintaining that stature all the time ~

Some Folks are tainted about Love, some folks are in Love with Love and some Folks settle for Love.
Some Folks even misplace Sex for Love! Then six months later you wake up, look at that person and say, “what was I thinking!”. Ahhh, the mistake of Lusty love…

However, not every Mista you meet is Mista Right! He or she may simply be Mista for the Moment..
They may be the person that comes into your world to teach you some lessons. Yes I know – how many lessons do we need.
That depends on you! If you find yourself doing the same things every day, excepting different results, well slap yourself now…

So when u meet someone new and you think there is potential there. Plan the moments rather than the future. It’s not based on manipulation or control but rather a need. Controlling the situation is not about being a control freak. It’s basically about controlling insecurities. Some people use strategies of control to compensate for not trusting. Or what if yourself into a corner for no good reason at all.

Don’t let all those old behaviors take control. Therefore ,do not allow yourself to assume without the facts. Because assumptions manipulate fears and fears drive insecurities and before you know it, You’re in the Land of fear, dread and axeitiy. With a season pass to the resort of Disappointment! And none of it has even happened. You are what if’ing. And then believing it!
If you were hurt !!! Find you way home from there and don’t let what could be a god thing pass you by because you are afraid to let them in or sabotage it.

So if you are in Love – God Bless ya for taking a chance!~~

If you are Single – hang in because your Love will arrive shortly and when you are ready to let it happen.
If you are Asexual – I hope u have a pet !!!!

Most of you peeps that are my Bud’s on here know that I have a flair for Da funny’s but I am gonna close on a serious note. Hope ya dig it!!!
Happy Valentines Day!!

“ Timing is Everything”

How often in this world do we get it right, or perhaps should I say how often do we pretend to get it right. Both statements are equally true!
Does any one really fall in love any more?
I mean falling in love as described by the Great Poets and the Tragic Greeks.

Are we truly driven by the psychosis of our times?
Have you ever heard yourself say this.? Oh it’s better than nothing.
I’m so tired of being alone and the sex is incredible…

If you have than your motivation is not inspired your simply being driven by boardom,fear and lust. Could you imagine Venus the Goddess of Love laying on her feathered bed whining about her fears and spouting out – Oh bring me that! I’m sure it will do for now…

Fortunately I still believe. I believe in passion, in desire, in longing and in romance. I believe in magic for I have felt the fire. Some people look to find a reason to believe and I believe that there is a reason for everything. Timing is a part of structure and cohesiveness. A great concerto can be a disaster if played in the wrong time and a great romance might never be explored because of poor timing.

I don’t think we realize how much we use that word. Whether for positive or negative connotation it’s a word that has less impact but greater value.
For example: I had a great time last night! Okay, it’s time for bed.
It’s time I should be leaving. If we only had more time! I wish I would have met you at another time in my life. This is bad timing. Time heals all wounds. And oh yes – God I’ve lost track of all time. I think that’s the most frightening….

I believe that time is a lesson.
Whether it be fragments, hours, days, months or years. Within that duration we learn about ourselves. We learn how to deal with our journey and how other factors and people can cloud our vision and our emotions. We learn that the Great Poets and the Tragic Greeks are history and their words have faded. We are now tainted … Our spontaneity is squelched and our passion is now guarded. Our view is contorted and you feel every one who enters your world has an agenda that will cause you pain. In some cases that might be true but it might be something you need to experience. You can continue to gather brick and mortar to protect your existence but you’ll never find euphoria. Your energy will only attract those that are less than you, those that will never challenge you and those that will never devastate you. A great prophylactic but no penetration.

So the next time you meet someone and your intrigued or you find they motivate you and excite you don’t use timing as your scapegoat!
Because that chance meeting might not be chance. That might be your most important moment in time. That might be your Great Poet or your Tragic Greek.
Devastation is passing timing is everything. Of course they say that time is an illusion?