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10 dazzling holiday light displays in N.J.

New Jersey has a long tradition of hanging outdoor Christmas lights and the holiday spirt seems to increase every year. Did you know that this tradition started in our state? According to the Library of Congress, the first strand of electrical lights were first strung by Thomas Edison around the outside of his Menlo Park Laboratory during the Christmas season of 1880. Edison's laboratory was near a railway so railroad passengers got a glimpse of the electrical light display as they passed by. It took nearly forty years for the Christmas light tradition to catch on. In 1917 Albert Sadacca came up with the idea of selling brightly colored strands of electric Christmas lights to the public. Sadacca was a teenager at the time and his family owned a novelty lighting company. Albert and his brothers organized the National Outfit Manufacturers Association (NOMA), a trade association in the 1920's, which became NOMA Electric Co. and they cornered the Christmas light market until the 1960's. So while the holiday season is here get out and enjoy some spectacular displays!

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